Fan Artwork
Diddy Kong by Char


* [[Bakku no Oni (Series)]]

  • [[Datacraft Sozaijiten Series]]

  • [[ImageCELs (Series)]]

* Visual Disk F2 VEGETABLES

* Visual Disk L18 JEWELRY (Need Full Res)

* Wraptures

  • [[PPS通信社 Pacific Press Service]]

Megacollection of 90’s textures

A huge assortment of textures from the 90’s and early 2000’s. It is uncertain if these contain everything from the programs/CD’s listed or if the images are the highest quality available. Matches inside here have been found inside Sonic Adventure, Mario Party 4, Tomb Raider, and San Francisco Rush 2049 so far

Contains images from the following:




Marlin Studios

Michal Franc Textures

Mixed bag of textures from various places. Some are identified from 3DStudio but most are unidentified so far. Matches were found with Sonic Adventure.

Contains images from the following:


Textures For Professionals CD ROM Edition (1994) By Visual Software

There’s no current known games that use these textures, but it was available in 1994 meaning there’s likely to be early 3D content that uses it.

Pixar Texture Library

Textures created by Pixar in 1993. Currently no matches found but assumed to appear in various early Pixar works.

Half Life Source Textures

Released and created by Karen Laur, a texture artist at Valve. These are personal photos taken to create the textures for Half Life. Includes .psd files giving a inside look at how some were made.

Imageland Series

Has matches found inside Sonic Adventure.

Mixa Collection

Only known to be used with Sonic Adventure currently but more than likely appears in more games.

CD’s 1-10 are known to be from 1994.

ION Images Collection

Not known to be used in any games currently. Date of creation is unknown.

ImageGap Images Collection

Matches found inside Sonic Adventure

Big Picture Image Collection

Nothing is known about this series other than it’s from the early 90’s

KN Image Collection

Nothing is known about this series other than that CD’s float around Japanese auctions

Super GU Image Series

Same company that published the Bakku No Oni series. Little is known about them.

Art Beats Textures

Textures not known to be used in any games yet but series is known to be from earlier than 1996.

Artbeats released a lot of stock video CD’s which are known to be used with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

Vivid Details Photo Series

Nothing is known about this series other than that it’s from the early 90’s

Digital Stock Photo Collection

Large photo series with American origins but was listed for sale in Japan around 1996. It’s likely to be sold earlier in that region. Later purchased by Corbis.

Corel Photo Collection

A very large image series from the early 90’s, various downloads for these image CD’s can be found on but it’s not known if any games used them.

PhotoDisc Image Collection

Long running image series known to have its start around 1991. Volume 8 was used for the American box art of Super Mario 64 for the sky background. Was bought by Getty Images.

Doom Source Photos

Various information about Doom’s source images linked here for those curious.

Resident Evil 4 HD Project

Fan project to restore Resident Evil 4’s textures in higher quality. Although not a link for image CD’s, it details incredible work that’s been done to track down the real world locations these images originated from.

Website containing various photos from a large assortment of companies around the world. Listed here for those looking for more places to search.