Saturday, December 14, 1996
Suggested retail price
4,800 yen (excluding tax)

 We’ve been keeping you waiting far too long for this!
“Super Mario Kart”, which had over 3.5 million sales for the Super Famicom original,
finally gets a sequel in the form of “Mario Kart 64” for Nintendo 64.
Mario Kart 64 boasts up to four-player races, as well as new versus and battle races against your friends!
A total of 8 characters entered the race.
Mario, Luigi , Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, and Bowser.
It seems there’ve been some changes from our previous roster!
Since this game is running on the new Nintendo 64, the graphics are more beautiful than ever!
The characters are rendered in full 3D by use of a powerful graphics computer.
Armed with unique playstyles, these 8 racers will battle against each other!
You can pilot these characters using the new “analog stick”! Racing has never been this engaging!
One of the coolest features of Mario Kart 64 is the items!
You can use items to attack your opponents during the race, so there’s always a chance to bounce back to first place if you fall behind.
With items, anyone can win- whether you’re new to the series, or an experienced veteran, you’ve got a fighting chance!
This time, items are much more deadly:
Since you can now hold more than one item at once, like bananas or Koopa shells, you can attack your foes over and over without having to wait for another item box!
“Racers won’t just be racing on circuits this time- there’s chocolate mountains, Koopa Troopa beaches, sherbet snowlands, Boo boardwalks, and much more!
There are 16 courses in Grand Prix mode (divided into 4 cups: Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cup) and 4 dedicated battle courses.
This means there’s a total of 20 courses available, including a desolate desert with a steam train running through, and a highway with huge trucks barreling towards you!
Wouldn’t you like to come race with us?
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