LakituHi, everyone! This page is the corner for all your game-winning tips and tricks, presented by me: Lakitu! I can’t wait to share all of these cool bits
with you, all directly from the development staff!

Let’s start with some strategies for VS mode…

●If you place a banana on the back side or inside of an item box, it can be really hard to see, making it easy to catch your enemies off guard!

LakituThe golden rule for any good trap is to put it in a place where no one will see it~!
Now, what’s next?

●The lower your ranking is, the better chances you have of getting a rare item.

LakituSo if you’re ever in a bad position, you’ll have plenty of chances to turn it around and get right back up to first!

●During a close battle, you can intentionally let your opponent overtake you right before passing through the item box- that way, you’ll get a better item, giving you an edge on the competition!

LakituBut be careful! It’s a hit or miss technique- if you don’t get the item you wanted, you’re stuck a few positions behind, so only use this if you’re really confident.

●When you have the lightning bolt item, you should wait until the opponent has a chance to ride off the course before using it. they are likely to go off course.

LakituIf you watch your opponent’s movements well, you’ll get even more of an advantage from the item!

These tricks are cool and all, but what about some fun facts?
Lakitu●The bus driver on Toad’s Turnpike is actually Ukiki from the game Super Mario 64! Who knew a monkey could drive a bus?
Lakitu●When you’re on Sherbet Land, and you get a star, try to use it against some of the sliding penguins.
The penguin you hit will spin faster than a red shell!
I’ve got one last fun fact for you:
●At the end of each cup, there’s an awards ceremony where the top 3 racers get their trophies! If you get 4th place or lower, check out the special ending your character gets…
LakituWinning isn’t all that matters though- sometimes, it’s more fun just to race for the sake of racing. That way, you won’t be disappointed if you lose! And finally, here’s a little bit of trivia from the “Mario Kart 64” sound staff.
“In Mario Kart 64, there are five different sounds an engine can make: ‘Mario & Luigi’, ‘Peach & Yoshi’, ‘Wario & Bowser’, ‘Toad’ and ‘Donkey Kong’. It’s hard to notice, but if you listen close, the difference is obvious!
The “Doppler effect”, which is an amazing tool for racing games, has been applied to many sound effects: the sound of the kart’s engine, of course, but also the sounds of waterfalls, the horns of the cars on the highway, and more. The effect depends on many different factors.
Because the relative position and speed are applied to the sound in real time, the way it sounds will change considerably if the conditions change. For example, the sound of the cars is different compared to when you’re standing still.
Our team also paid a lot of attention to the changes in volume, so that the sounds of the actions of distant opponents are heard from the correct distance as much as possible. Please listen carefully to the changes in sound effects like this.”

There are tons of different techniques being used to make the game fun, and realistic, too! As for any behind-the-scenes stories related to sound design, I received an anonymous comment that said:

“The two women who voiced Peach and Toad were super attractive!”
I wish I’d got a chance to meet them, in that case!

LakituThat’s it for all the tips and tricks I’ve got to offer for Mario Kart
64! Keep playing and have fun, everyone!